Waterproofing Exterior Basement Walls                                                                                                     Waterproofing exterior foundation walls is a good solution to protect the house foundation from leaks and prevents unwanted mold and mildew. To do this, the foundation walls have to be excavated all the way down to the footing, then the walls need to be cleaned and inspected for cracks and leaks. At EMG Contracting Inc., we give our customers a 25 year warranty and ensure our team of experts will advise and perform the best techniques available for your waterproofing needs. The advantage of basement waterproofing done from the outside is that it protects the walls from contact with water or moisture. When performing exterior waterproofing, we get access to the foundation drain and replace it. This is a good time to check the connection of the weeping tile to the drain or sump pump, to ensure it is working properly. 

Waterproofing Interior Basement Walls                                                                                          Waterproofing interior basement walls is the best waterproofing solution when; there is excessive moisture in the soil particularly under the basement concrete slab, when the basement is very deep and there is no access to the exterior walls; e.g. homes that are very close in proximity. To perform interior waterproofing, the basement walls have to be exposed from the inside and the floor is excavated along the foundation walls in order to install the new weeping tile pipe. The advantage of internal waterproofing is that it is not only protecting the basement from water seeping through the foundation walls, but also from collecting ground water underneath the concrete slab. With an internal solution, any landscaping or flowerbeds will not be disturbed and the external appearance of your home will remain untouched. Waterproofing is still a worthwhile investment to protect the integrity of your homes foundation, preventing any further cracking or damage and to be free of mold and mildew. 

Our goal is to provide dependable and professional service to homeowners and business people. Before basement leakage gets out of control, let the experts at EMG Contracting Inc., STOP the damage today!

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